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News Archives - Persuader Media

fatcat_thumbThe world’s most powerful bank is a great vampire squid wrapped around the face of humanity, relentlessly jamming its blood funnel into anything that smells like money. Matt Taibbi

Dissatisfaction with evil Bank behavior is the underlying premise of this Affinity Federal Credit Union spot, as they offer a great alternative to the typical banking hellshow, providing lower fees, better rates, and they treat you like an actual human being. To help illustrate this, Tom Christmann and his extra-smart creative team at DiMassimo Goldstein created the concept of the literal FAT CAT, an all-powerful and generally dickish Bank CEO feline who abuses his underlings with obvious glee. To find this cat, we undertook an extensive search of nothing but the finest in Animal Wranglers in Los Angeles to find a quadruped with just the right amount of natural arrogance and condescension. After locating the ideal FAT CAT, Stylist Tiffany Nesson built a suit tailored to our quadruped, complete with fake paws that were rigged with rods for puppeteering. Then the fun began. Our wonderful Bank Underling actor duo of John Fulton and Sarah Barton endured an endless tirade from our surly Cat Banker on the shoot day, and more than a few unscripted, profanity-laced verbal beatdowns just for the sheer joy of it. When the dust settled, it was clear – Fat Cat Bankers are merciless jack holes and Affinity is where you want to take your hard earned cash. Special thanks to the imaginative DiMassimo brain trust of Tom Christmann, Tyler Maxson, Tom Millington, and überproducer Gary Bass for bringing the magic and letting me play in their Adversandox®.


foodfight_thumbWhen it comes to chocolate, resistance is futile. ― Regina Brett

Sometimes you get to work on projects that are so over-the-top amazing that you feel like you are a lottery winner. On February 2nd and 3rd, during the coldest week of the year in Kiev, Ukraine, we assembled a talented group of durable film technicians, creatives, and actors in a gigantic, unheated Soviet-era convention hall to create an epic Candy Factory Food Fight. The art department built a sprawling, Austin Powers-esque 1960’s British Picnic Candy Bar Chocolate Factory in the cavernous room and the actors unleashed hell in the form of flying chocolate, caramel, and peanuts. Throughout the mayhem, the temperature inside the massive room was breezy 19º, and for two days our actors endured these arctic conditions in non-fleece vintage wardrobe, smiling and laughing throughout. At the end of this spectacular two-day brawl, the editorial team in Moscow assembled a great spot that perfectly captures the best moments of mayhem. Special thanks to all of the talented, hard working people that made this commercial possible, starting with the creatives at Saatchi & Saatchi Moscow – Yuri and Anton, producer Medea, and the Mondelez Picnic Candy Bar client, Fedor Lubov, who let us explore and push the boundaries of pandemonium and comedy to bring this story to its full potential. And a big thanks to the amazing cast and crew, who endured two long days in ass-freezing conditions, working non-stop with tremendous enthusiasm and joy – cheers to all of you!